Road Feeder Service (RFS)

Road Feeder Service (RFS) s one of the specific services provided by the Transportation Services Center. This service is offered to airline companies, their representatives (GSA) and airfreight carriers.

We Offer:

  • Regular express, daily routes from the Prague airport and surroundings to FRA, HHN, MUC, CGN, DUS, LEJ, LUX, LGG, BRU, AMS, MST, LHR, CDG, LNZ, VIE, BTS, BUD and back.
  • We provide non-regular routes between airports and, for example, manufacturing facilities within the scope of the European Union.
  • A team of employees that is well prepared with knowledge and experience in the area of “Road Feeder Service”.
  • Knowledge of local airports, processes and procedures for clearing goods.
  • Consulting in securing handling clearance.
  • Transportation of airfreight pallets and vehicle containers with roller track.
  • Shipment insurance according to the Montreal Protocol - 19 SDR/kg.
  • Insurance within the scope of cabotage transport within Germany.
  • Transport of goods using vehicles with capacities from 1 to 66 EUR pallets.
  • Non-stop emergency telephone 00420 604 444 343.
  • Consulting.

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