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MAN Road Show 2020

July 2020 - in sunny weather, the exclusive Road Show 2020 event took place at the Prague Airport area as part of a tour of the new generation of MAN tractors with stops at selected customers. The company's management and ARROW mobile employees thus had a unique opportunity to view and try out the completely redesigned model of the TGX 18.510 tractor in an unmissable gold lacquer.

MAN product specialists and dealers acquainted those present with innovations both in the field of design solutions with an emphasis on maximum driver comfort and in the issue of innovative technologies. Those interested then tested the properties of the new tractor, with a lion in the emblem, during a test drive.

As stated by Bc. Martin Šturm from MAN Truck & Bus Czech Republic s.r.o. / Branch Manager in Postřižín /: "We are very pleased with the new model we can present to you. Thanks to the innovative concept of the powertrain, aerodynamics and the MAN EfficientCruise system, the new generation of MAN trucks is even more economical and saves up to 8.2% on fuel consumption. generations. "

Finally, a small snack was prepared during the banquet.


Basic data TGX 18.510 4x2 BL SA

 · Tall cabin

 · 375 kw engine (510 hp)

· Fully digitized instrument panel

 · Driver's seat with nine levels of adjustment (also according to the driver's height and weight), including a memory function and a quick start, which  makes getting on and off easier

 · MAN SmartSelect system

 · MAN EasyContro

 · The LCS (Lane Change System), which assists the driver in changing lanes on the motorway, monitoring both sides of the vehicle

 · Electronic independent silent air conditioning integrated in the vehicle, which does not take up space for the crew

 · Folding aerodynamic elements







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